Crown, Casing & Base mouldings

Are you looking for crown, casing, or base moulding? At Thomas & Milliken Millwork we havebeen producing quality custom moulding, doors and stair parts since 1977. Our goal has been to serve the woodworking needs of our customers. We provide a complete package of wood trim, doors,windows, siding and stair parts. We work closely with builders, architects, and homeowners, to ensure your complete satisfaction with our quality and product.

Wood Crown Molding - mitered crown and paneled wall

Decorative Wood Crown Molding - coffered beaded ceiling and crown buildup

Decorative Wood Crown Molding

Crown moldings come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as a corner round, to as complex as several trim buildouts. Besides helping to cover up imperfections where the wall meets the ceiling crown molding enhances the beauty of any room. Depending on the style of your home or business crown moldings can be painted or stained. We can help design your crown molding wqith the style and wood species that would look best for your project. We also work off blue prints supplied by architects or designers. Adding a crown molding to your home is an easy way to create that finished look.

Wood crown molding serves as an ornamental cap to walls, cabinets, and built-in furniture. Crown molding is also used as a decorative support for horizontal architectural elements like decorative ledges and shelves. Adding crown molding to a relatively simple room provides a certain character that the room would not have otherwise. Wood crown moldings are also used in combination with other moldings to add details to the fireplace mantels and shelves.

Wood Molding - fluted column and base

Base Moulding

Base moulding is the wood moulding that is attached to the bottom of the wall next to the floor. It is used to cover up the gap that occurs between the wall and floor. The base moulding gives the room an impression of solidity, while protecting the walls from kicks, vacuum cleaner and furniture scrapes and bumps. Influenced by the architectural design of the Greek and Roman period, the base molding represents what would have been considered a part of the pedestal in that design.
Base molding not only serves function, but appearance as well. Base molding applications can be done as a simple, single piece, or you may choose to go with a more elaborate scheme. A quarter round or base shoe, as it is also known, may be installed along the bottom edge, where the base meets the floor. Base cap may be added to the top of the base.

At Thomas and Milliken Millwork we use only the finest hard and softwoods. We work on new constructions and remodeling projects. Our staff is experienced with Autocad drawing. Application strategies and techniques are part of our service. We invite you to browse our extensive decorative base moulding selection. Contact us today find more information on our wide range of services. You can also email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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We provide crown, casing & base mouldings made from any species of wood to enhance the look of your home.